How easy is it to acquire precious metals?


Investing or saving in precious metals may be out of reach for retail investors and only available to the cursed connoisseurs of the markets. But gold and silver opportunities are now widely available to everyone, including ordinary savers.

At Valores, we are proud to be able to offer you precious metals investment, whatever your knowledge of market trends, financial capacity, and desire for flexibility.

We help you step by step to own physical precious metals.

From initial interest to knowledge of the details

After an inquiry is submitted via email to or through Calendly, an experienced consultant will invite you for an initial consultation via phone call, video call, or email.
During the call, you will learn about the process of buying precious metals and important details about storage, delivery, and investment/savings options tailored to your preferences.


Knowing your financial goals, aspirations, and capabilities is key to making the right investment decision. Maybe you want to grow your portfolio with regular monthly purchases, or perhaps you prefer the flexibility of making payments due to irregular income. For some people, a one-off purchase may be of interest, while you see precious metals as a long-term investment but do not want to be tied down and want to be free to withdraw and sell your funds.

At Valores, we pay attention to each of these preferences.


Options for buying precious metals

Precious metals investment is available to everyone. You can invest in them starting at €50, and there are no limits on upward purchases.

Precious metals are available in different versions. At Valores, you can buy physical investment gold and silver in the form of coins and bars, which you can collect from one of our offices. Alternatively, you can choose to buy precious metals as part of the Valores Savings Plan, which includes the safekeeping and insurance of your assets abroad. In the event of a sale, delivery of gold bars weighing 50 g or more to Slovenia is available.

You can also be selective when it comes to storage. With the Valores Metal Account, you can store your precious metals in highly secured and certified duty-free safes in Liechtenstein, one of Europe’s most powerful financial destinations. Alternatively, you can sell your savings plan metals and have gold over 50 g delivered to Slovenia to keep in your own safe or at home.

In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, we guarantee that your goods are always stored in the correct weight and metal, which is also confirmed once a year by a certified auditor.
It is also important to remember that you are and will remain the sole owner of the goods you have purchased. The precious metals that we hold carefully for you do not form part of our company’s assets and are not valued on our balance sheet. Whatever the contingencies, your precious metals remain yours, guaranteed.


Confirmation and implementation of the purchase

Once you have selected the type of precious metals you want to buy and the storage conditions, the purchase process starts, and we take care of it for you.

This is subject to customer verification (KYC) to ensure that you have a high level of security when doing business with Valores. You can read more about the customer verification process here.

During the customer verification process, you provide the following information: name, address, tax number, telephone number, and email address. You also need to provide an identity document (an ID card or passport), the number of the document, the expiration date of the document, and the administrative unit that issued it.

A Valores advisor will then prepare the accession declaration and investment plan and send the details, including the details needed to make the purchase payment, to your email address. At the same time, he or she will arrange access to your Valores Metal Account, where you can easily monitor the investments or savings plans you have opened.


Once you have received your information, we recommend that you review and confirm it in detail. It is also advisable to check the Valores General Terms and Conditions.

Once we have received your deposit, the purchase will be made, and you will receive an invoice for the service provided with key details. With the purchase, the grams are automatically deposited, and you become the owner of the precious metals.

The whole process of purchasing bullion is carried out quickly, specifically within four working days of receipt of the transfer, as set out in the General Terms and Conditions.


Easy monitoring of your investments

It is extremely important for every owner of precious metals to have a constant overview of their condition and value.

Every time you make a successful purchase, both the first and any subsequent purchases, you will receive an official invoice for the goods purchased with key information in your email.

It is even easier to keep track of your investments and their current status in your Valores Metal Account, where you can check the grams of your precious metals investments at any time. Please note that if you sell your precious metals, the quantity will be reduced accordingly. The available grams are also reduced by 0.6% to compensate for the storage costs every six months (see General Terms and Conditions).

In line with your financial goals, you can also create sub-accounts in your Valores Metal Account, between which you can freely move the grams of your precious metals according to your financial goals – from your daughter’s education to your next holiday abroad.

You can also change the perpetual or recurring deposits, the amounts of deposits, or the type of investment between gold and silver as you wish.

You also have the option to make additional deposits, to make partial or full withdrawals, and to take delivery of metals. At any time, you can sell or withdraw your investment gold over 50 g (e.g., 50 g, 100 g, 250 g, etc.) and have it delivered to one of Valores’ offices in Slovenia, where it can be collected by arrangement with an adviser.

The Valores Metals Account is your window into your entire investment portfolio, transaction history, and market price movements for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.



A golden decision

By entering the precious metals market, you will be making a prudent decision on the road to financial stability and freedom. You can start with as little as €50 and gradually adjust your portfolio according to your wishes, goals, and abilities.

Every investor is different, so why should investment products be the same for everyone? Let your investments be tailored to you.
Choose to save in precious metals and learn about your options at a free consultation with Valores financial advisors.


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